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    PROCEDURE TO SET UP EMC 2240 1. Set up leveling pad, screws (total 6 pieces), and leveling machine. 2. Remove the magazine supporter. 3. Remove the 3 M8 screw on the bracket on the X-axis (facing machine’s right hand side) from back.

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    4. Remove the 4 screws on the back cover. Loose the 2 locks on both end of the double nut clamper. Twist the center to remove the clamper. Then take out the hook attached to the counter weight inside column. 5. Loose M8 Screw on control panel and turn it around.

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    6. Hook up power 230V or 460V as pre-wired by customer request. 7. Turn on machine. Check magazine rotation. Make sure it is correct.

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    9. Assemble the way cover and coolant pipe. (Make sure the left & right way cover is put on the machine correctly)! 8. Slowly move the Z up (by pressing “+”). Remove the spindle head support. Move the Z down. The counterbalancing weight should be up. Remove the bar.

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    10. Put in feed mode and set override to 10%. This step must be performed before home machine.