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    Leading-edge technology for machine tools

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    2 3 Improving productivity and successfully distinguishing themselves from the competition are key objectives for machine tool manufacturers in the present climate. High-performance components from the LTi Group offer everything you need to meet those growing demands:Q Fast, flexible CNCQ Highl...

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    6 7 CNC controllersQ Improved productivity based on optimum machining speedQ Less reworking thanks to high surface qualityQ Open system allows for custom variantsQ Special functionality for laser machiningQ Scaleable computing powerDrive engineering Q DC or mains-powered servocontrollers wit...

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    What really counts are LTi‘s inner values

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    8 9 Tool spindles Q Motor spindles up to 40,000 rpm from 15 kW to 120 kWQ Automatic or manual tool clamping systemsQ Circular or rectangular spindle housingsQ Air or liquid cooledQ Outstanding radial and axial run-out (< 2 μm) and supreme bearing rigidityQ Oil/air or grease lifetime ...

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    4 5 Good looks are not everything

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    A maestro as a soloist – unbeatable as an ensembleThe LTi Group brings together the full scope of technological know-how for fitting out machine tools.The individual Group companies are in their own right technology leaders in their fields.LTi has an established reputation in the provision of h...

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    10 11 Q ServoOne servocontrollers from LTi DRiVES meet the highest demands in terms of dynamics and synchro-nism based on their integration of special control algorithms and their minimal dead times for speed and positi-on control. The controllers are capable of evaluating a broad range of ...

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    LTi – the machine tool supplierCompetent, flexible, reliable and strongandron GmbHSchlätterstraße 288142 Wasserburg/BodenseeFon +49 (0) 8382 / 98 55-0Mail www.andron.deHeinz Fiege GmbH & Co. KGOdenwaldring 963934 RöllbachFon +49 (0) 9372 / 9 48 39-1 00Mail ...