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    1.Turning the Control ONF10After the control has been turned ON press F10 to continue.Then press ENTER to select CNC mode.1. Control SoftwareThis allows you enter CNC software2. Setup UtilityMachine configuration3. Motion Setup/Testing Used to setup drive

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    2.First CNC ScreenSECTION #1SECTION #2SECTION #3Control Manual Screen

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    3.Program nameMachine statusMold of operationMachine position status Messages display in this areaError and warningsCommand line for MANUAL(MDI) instructionsPosition relative to machine HOMEPosition relative to part ZEROTarget or position to reachDistance to go to reach targetSection #1Sec...

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    4.Section #3Active tool #Tool diameterTool length offsetSpindle speedFeedratePercentage offeed and RPM’sNumber of loopsto be doneDwell in secondsActive fixture offsetActive M functionsActive G codesOverride of feed and rapidParts counter and time

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    5.Softkey in Manual mold.Access helpmenuAccess list ofprogramsEdit programin memoryManual moldSingle StepmoldAutomaticmoldDelete fromcommand lineInsert in command lineAccess tool pageActivatehandwheelSoftkey in Manual mold when shift key is pressedDisplay last 8 messagesTeach MoldSends machine ho...

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    6.Alfa - Numeric key boardNote :- Most used key are yellow . Most key also double functions , theshift key is use to use secondary functions. DACDEBFGHIKLJMOPNQSTRUWVX897Y564Z2310.<{$Clear keyEnter keyCursor keysSpace keyShift key>^[]!~@}_‘/?:%“|;/()#*&=‘

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    7.% FEEDXYUWAXIS% SPDL OVRD110100FEEDJOGRAPIDSERVORESETSPDL OFFSPDL REVSPDL FWD+COOL READYZManual panelThere are two type of Manual panels.1.As shown below.2.The other without Handwheel on left sideManual handwheelAxis select for handwheelFeedrate override Axis feed typeSpindle overrideServo re...

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    8.MOVING WITH COMMANDSType commands as needed and press the START button located on theMANUAL PANELEXAMPLE:Type: G0 G90 Z-5. and press StartZ axis goes to Z-5. in ABS and RAPIDEXAMPLE:Type G97 S1000 M3 and press START to start the spindle at a fixed 1000rpm.MOVING ...

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    9.MOST COMMON COMMANDS TO REMEMBER:Fxxx.x:Feed Rate in Inch per minute / Inch per rev. (mm/min or mm/revolutions)G00: Rapid move.G01: Feed move.G02:Arc clockwiseG03:Arc counter clockwiseG17: XY planeG18: XZ planeG19: Yz planeG40:Cutter comp offG41:...

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    10.Programs can be restored into the control if they have been previously saved on a disk. From the MANUAL mode press then press SHIFTNext, press select “A:” and press ENTERUsing the arrow keys hi-lite the program to be restore...