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    1. How to adjust the operation parameter?Take BCM1325, NK105 G2 control handle for example.(1). Press the menus button.(2).Press"↓" button,and pick on "4. Operation Parameter", then press"OK" button.(3).Pick on "1.G00 speed", and press "OK" butt...

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    (6).Press "↓" button ,and pick on "2. GXX Speed",then press "OK"button.(7).Set "Value parameter as 3000.000", and press "OK" button.(8).Press "ESC" button.(9).Press "ESC" button.

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    2. How to adjust the manufacturer parameter?(1)Press the menus button.(2)Press "↓" button,and pick on "5.Manufacturer Parameter", thenpress "OK" button.(3). Put 335875550 in to the password field, then press "OK" button.(4).Press "↓"bu...

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    (5).Set"X-Axis:0.0119750","Y-Axis0.0119750",and"Z-Axis:0.0062500".(6).Press "OK" button.