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    SCHOOL CENTRE ŠKOFJA LOKA CNC LESSON - CYCLE 95 – Stock removal cycle Up to this lesson students already become familiar with the basics of program function, as well as the lathe settings for making basic models / shapes: - basics and coordinate system - reference points and machine setti...

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    Picture 2: Drawing of the product

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    Work procedure: 1. We start the program WinNC and select the feeder Sinumerik 840D Turn 2. We create a new workpiece directory with the name CaRPs and inside the directory a new main program with the name PINBALL, which will get the ending MPF. 3. We write down the main program with the u...

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    Picture 4: Machining variant 1 - 12 Picture 5: MainProgram file PINBALL.MPF

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    4. The shape is written in the subprogram FORM1, which will get the ending SPF Picture 6: SubProgram file FORM1.SPF 5. Next the control of the subprogram is carried out with 2D simulation. Picture 7: 2D simulation in the subprogram

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    6. The control of the main program is carried out. Picture 8: 2D simulation of the main program PINBALL.MPF 7. 3D simulation is carried out, where the tool and the workpiece have to be defined Picture 9: Workpiece

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    Picture 10: 3D simulation 8. Program is transferred to the machine and then we can make the product. 9. The product is turned and with minimal changes of the program we work on the other side.