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    CNC USB Controller Mk3User manual2014-10-221

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    1 Introduction1.1 OverviewThe PlanetCNC series of USB CNC motion controllers is link between a personal computer and motor drivers supporting step/direction control. PlanetCNC series of motion controllers are compatible with most motor drivers. The controllers use the USB port, available on all m...

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    1.2 Features and specifications:•USB (V2.x) from PC/Laptop running Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 (32 bit or 64bit)•motor driver connector pin-out is compatible with 10 pin open source interface •controller works with most step/dir stepper and servo motor drivers available on the ma...

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    •spindle encoder and index signal support for spindle synchronization•SD card support for running g-code without computer•control external devices with I2C and UART protocol•homing procedure•tool change procedure•tool length sensor support•sensor for capturing and measuring•digiti...

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    2 Hardware2.1 InstallationInstallation of PlanetCNC CNC USB Controller requires a USB equipped PC or laptop along with motor drivers appropriate to the motors in use. The USB CNC controller is compatible with the vast majority ofmotor drivers that use step/direction signals. Optional support hard...

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    2.2 Mk3 - 9 axis CNC USB controller description7

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    2.2.1 Mk3 AXIS connectorEach connector controls one motor driver. Controller has 9 connectors for axes 1-9. This means 9 axes which can all be moved at same time.Axes are usually named like this: Axis 1=X, Axis 2=Y, Axis 3=Z...On some machines this can be different. For example Foam cutter uses a...

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    2.2.2 Mk3 JOG connectorSwitched operation of JOG 1-8 controls manual jogging. Jogging keyboards can use a ‘SHIFT’ key, allowing Mk3 controller users to jog additional axes or togglethe option of jog ‘step’ mode. ‘SHIFT’ key function is defined in settings, as is the ‘step’ value f...

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    2.2.3 Mk3 LIMIT connectorLIMIT 1-8 connects limit switches. It’s recommended that a 100nF capacitor is connecteddirectly across switch terminals. The 'SHIFT' key toggles limit options using one of two possible configurations. The chosen configuration determines hardware connections. Limit switc...

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    SINGLE INPUT:Both axis limit switches are connected to one pin. Direction of travel determines if positive or negative switch is triggered.LIMIT 1: Axis 1 negative and positive limitLIMIT 2: Axis 2 negative and positive limitLIMIT 3: Axis 3 negative and positive limitLIMIT 4: Axis 4 negative and...

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    2.2.4 Mk3 CTRL connectorThis connector provides inputs for use of MPG pendant devices and E-Stop.Spindle speed encoder for spindle synchronization can also be connected. GND pin provides ‘Ground’ or common connections.An E-Stop switch attached to this connector can be configured in software t...

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    2.2.5 Mk3 INPUT connectorThis connector provides input for user-assigned functions. CONNECTOR PIN DESCRIPTION:INPUT1:Assignable input 1INPUT2:Assignable input 2INPUT3:Assignable input 3INPUT4:Assignable input 4INPUT5:Assignable input 5INPUT6:Assignable input 6INPUT7:Assignable input 7INPUT8:Assig...

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    2.2.6 Mk3 OUTPUT connectorThis connector provides 7 digital outputs for control of external devices. The optional ‘Output board’ links to the Mk3 controller using this connector. Output assignment is controlled in software. CONNECTOR PIN DESCRIPTION:OUT 1 - 8: Digital OutputGND: Ground+5V: +5...

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    2.2.7 Mk3 IO EXT connectorConnector for additional IO extension boards.15

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    2.2.8 Mk3 SD&I2C connectorThis connector allows use of SD Card with PlanetCNC SD card adapter, I2C and UART protocol devices.DAT0: SD card signalCMD: SD card signalCLK: SD card signalTX: UART signalI2C CL: I2C signalI2C DA: I2C signalGND: Ground+3.3V: +3.3V supplyGND: Ground+5V: +5.0V supply16

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    2.2.9 Mk3 AUX connectorReserved for future use.17

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    2.2.10Mk3 POT connectorA potentiometer attached to this connector provides a manual jog speed control when using jogging keyboard connected to JOG connector. Mk3 controller also has this pins on jogging connector.+3.3V:+3.3V power supply for use with potentiometers. POT: 5k or 10k ohm, logarithm...

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    2.2.11Mk3 USB connectorThe Mk3 USB CNC controller connects to computer via the USB port. The port uses the USB 2.x standard.2.2.12Mk3 Ethernet connectorThe Mk3 USB CNC controller connects to computers via the Ethernet port.2.2.13Mk3 Power terminal The controller should be powered with an externa...

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    3 Connection diagrams3.1 Wiring of limit switchesMk3 controller has 8 designated limit switch inputs. In software you can set which wiring methodis used. You can use 'Normal' or 'Single Input' method of wiring.-When 'Normal' method is used, each axis limit switch has its designated limit pin. -Wh...

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    3.1.1 'Normal' wiring methodNO or NC type switches can be used. When NC type switches are used, 'Invert Limit' function must be enabled in software. Each limit switch is connected to its own limit input pin.21

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    'Normal' wiring method of limit switches* using Planet-CNC 16-pin adapter board:*On this picture only for axis one.22

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    3.1.2 'Single input' wiring method3.1.2.1 Parallel wiring of NO type switches:23

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    Parallel wiring of NO type limit switches* using Planet-CNC 16-pin adapter board:* On this picture only for axis one.24

  • Page 25 Serial wiring of NC type limit switches:25

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    Serial wiring of NC type limit switches* using Planet-CNC 16-pin adapter board:*On this picture only for axis one.26

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    3.2 Wiring inputs of Mk3 controllerMk2 has eight assignable inputs. Bellow is wiring diagram and picture of connected tool sensor to Mk3 controller using Planet-CNC 10-pin adapter board.Pin description of 10-pin adapter board when connected to Mk3 Input connector:27

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    Example: Connecting tool sensor to input 5 of Mk3 input connector:28

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    3.3 Connecting motor driver to Mk3 controller Wiring diagrams for COMMON CATHODE and COMMON ANODE connection of motor driver: *STEP input on motor drivers can be also labeled as PUL or CLK.29

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    Picture bellow demonstrates the connection of 2.5A Motor driver to Mk2 controller and connection of stepper motor and power supply to 2.5A motor driver. Since this motor driver uses 10-pin header and ribbon cable, connection is pretty much trivial:30

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    Picture bellow demonstrates connection of motor driver to Mk2 controller with screw type adapter and connection of controllers external power supply:31

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    3.4 Shielded cablesWe always recommend the use of shielded cables for wiring. Whether you are connecting limit switches, input switches, output devices, motor drivers or motors etc... The shielded cables should be properly maintained and set with insulated ferrules or crimp terminals. Picture bel...

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    Shield of the cable should be connected to GND only at the end which is connected to controllers input:33

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    Table of Contents1 Introduction........................................................................................................................................ 31.1 Overview.................................................................................................................

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