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    1. First , after receive your machine ,check your parts box , if have any problem ,please contactus.2. Install machine :machine most already contact good,.you only need install DSP to controlbox,so picture:3. Install voltage 380V : Blue line ----zero lineRed line -----fire wire

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    4. After install complete ,open power switch . Green ---switch buttonRed ------scram button5. DSP screen button functionpoint button : Increase feedrateshift+7 : Increase spindle gearpoint button:Decrease feedrateshift+1 : Decrease spindle gearpoint button:Spindle start/stopshift+5 : Backing to w...

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    point button:Y+ movingshift+8 :Switch between workpiececoordinate and mechanical coordinatepoint button:Y - movingpoint button:Z+ movingpoint button:Z- movingpoint button:X- movingshift+4 : Backing to mechanical originpoint button:X+ movingpoint button: Switch between manual high/low speed

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    point button: X Y axis zero clearing (confirm X Y workpiece origin)shift+(z=0) : Z axis zero clearingpoint button:Menushift+: Entering help pagepoint button:startshift+:Breakpoint resumingpoint button: Suspend processing ;up direction keypoint button:Stop processing; cancellation of various selec...

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    point button: down direction keypoint button:Entering manual high/low speed adjustment page under menupage; confirmation of various selections, inputs and operations6. System Start-upPoint: Machine Z X Y backing to mechanical origin.First time you can point,check relevant parameter.MainMainMainMa...

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    enter , 3 (pulse equivalent) X :0.0098125Y : 0.0098125Z: 0.006254 (Machine travel) upperlimit : X 1300Y 2500Z 0lower limit: X 0Y 0Z --200SpeedSpeedSpeedSpeed ParameterParameterParameterParameter ::::point button enter, choose 4 (Operator parameters)1 is Traveling speed2 is workingspeed.LoadLoadLo...

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