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    GE Fanuc AutomationComputer Numerical Control ProductsC Series LaserOperator's ManualGFZ-70114EN/04June 2000

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    GFL-001Warnings, Cautions, and Notesas Used in this PublicationWarningWarning notices are used in this publication to emphasize that hazardous voltages, currents,temperatures, or other conditions that could cause personal injury exist in this equipment or maybe associated with its use.In situatio...

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    B–70114EN/04PREFACEp–1PREFACEThis document describes the following models.ModelAbbreviationFANUC LASER–MODEL C1500BC1500BFANUC LASER–MODEL C2000BC2000BFANUC LASER–MODEL C2000CC2000CFANUC LASER–MODEL C3000CC3000CFANUC LASER–MODEL C3000DC3000DFANUC LASER–MODEL C4000AC4000AFANUC LASE...

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    B–70114EN/04PREFACEp–2And, these models conform with EMC Directive 89/336/EEC.401-0597 Japan401-0597 Japan

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    B–70114EN/04PREFACEp–3401-0597 Japan401-0597 Japan

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    B–70114EN/04PREFACEp–4401-0597 Japan401-0597 Japan

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    Table of ContentsB–70114EN/04c–1PREFACEp–1. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1. OVERVIEW1. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ....

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    TABLE OF CONTENTSB–70114EN/04c–23.8LASER BEAM76. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.8.1Position and Tolerance of Laser Beam Exit76. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...

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    B–70114EN/041. OVERVIEW11 OVERVIEWIn this manual, we have tried as for as possible to address all issues.However, space restrictions prevent us from describing everything thatmust not be done, or which cannot be done, because there are so manypossibilities. Therefore, all matters which are not...

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    B–70114EN/041. OVERVIEW2This manual consists of the following chapters and appendixes:1. OVERVIEWChapter 1 covers the configuration of the manual, applicable models,related manuals, and provides notes on reading the manual.2. SAFETYChapter 2 covers the warnings and precautions related to laser...

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    B–70114EN/041. OVERVIEW3This manual covers the following models:ModelAbbreviationFANUC LASER–MODEL C1500BC1500BFANUC LASER–MODEL C2000BC2000BFANUC LASER–MODEL C2000CC2000CFANUC LASER–MODEL C3000CC3000CFANUC LASER–MODEL C3000DC3000DFANUC LASER–MODEL C4000AC4000AFANUC LASER–MODEL C6...

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    B–70114EN/041. OVERVIEW4This manual contains precautions which must be observed duringoperation of the laser oscillator, to ensure the operator’s safety and preventdamage to the oscillator. Each precaution is indicated by “Warning” or“Caution” according to its severity.Supplementary ...

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    B–70114EN/042. SAFETY52 SAFETYC1500B, C2000C (C2000B), C3000D (C3000C), C4000A, C6000Bproduce the rated laser output power of 1500W, 2000W, 3000W, 4000W,6000W. The CO2 laser beam is the wavelength of 10.6 mm, far infrared,and is invisible to human eyes. The adequate care must be taken,therefore...

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    B–70114EN/042. SAFETY61) Potential hazardsLaser oscillator emits CO2 laser beam(10.6 mm), which is high powerand invisible.D Being directly exposed to the CO2 beam could severely burn you.D The CO2 beam could bource off your workpiece and burn your eyesor skin.FANUC LASER C series have a diode ...

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    B–70114EN/042. SAFETY7Fig. 2.1 (f) is the position of panel that laser beam exposure isoccurred without panel in C4000A, when yourmaintenance.Fig. 2.1 (g) is the position of panel that laser beam exposure isoccurred without panel in C6000B, when yourmaintenance.Fig. 2.1 (a) The position of las...

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    B–70114EN/042. SAFETY8Fig. 2.1 (c) The position of laser beam delivery (C4000A)Fig. 2.1 (d) The position of laser beam delivery (C6000B)

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    B–70114EN/042. SAFETY9Fig. 2.1 (e) Laser beam exposure position without panel as operating(C1500B, C2000B, C2000C, C3000C, C3000D)Fig. 2.1 (f) Laser beam exposure position without panel as operating (C4000A)

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    B–70114EN/042. SAFETY10Fig. 2.1 (g) Laser beam exposure position without panel as operating (C6000B)

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    B–70114EN/042. SAFETY111) Potential hazardsThere is RF voltage of 3 to 4kVo–p in the cabinet of the laser oscillator.There is 200 VAC power in the relay panel, be careful not to touch thehigh voltage.2) Safety recommendationsWhen it checks the oscillator and exchange the unit, intercept a mai...

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    B–70114EN/042. SAFETY12Front sideBack sideFig. 2.2 (a) The position of high voltage in C1500B (Front side, Back side)

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    B–70114EN/042. SAFETY13Front sideBack sideFig. 2.2 (b) The position of high voltage in C2000B (Front side, Back side)

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    B–70114EN/042. SAFETY14Back sideFront sideFig. 2.2 (c) The position of high voltage in C2000C (Front side, Back side)

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    B–70114EN/042. SAFETY15Front sideBack sideAuxiliary unitFig. 2.2 (d) The position of high voltage in C3000C (Front, Back, AUX)

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    B–70114EN/042. SAFETY16Front sideBack sideFig. 2.2 (e) The position of high voltage in C3000D (Front side, Back side)

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    B–70114EN/042. SAFETY17Front sideBack sideFig. 2.2 (f) The position of high voltage in C4000A (Front side, Back side)

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    B–70114EN/042. SAFETY18Front sideBack sideFig. 2.2 (g) The position of high voltage in C6000B (Front side, Back side)

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    B–70114EN/042. SAFETY191) Potential hazardsCO2 beam is delivery from oscillator. Direct or scattered beam isexposed.2) Safety recommendationsMount the safety enclosure made of acrylic resin which can absorb thelaser beam around the working environment.Mount the interlock switch on the safety en...

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    B–70114EN/042. SAFETY201) Potential hazardsWhen you touch a part of high temperature, your skin burn.2) Safety recommendationsThe pipes of the gas circular system are very a high temperature. Donot touch pipes, heat exchanger and turbo blower because it does notdo the burn. It is hot immediatel...

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    B–70114EN/042. SAFETY21Front sideBack sideFig. 2.6 (a) The position of high temperature in C1500B (Front side, Back side)

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    B–70114EN/042. SAFETY22Front sideBack sideFig. 2.6 (b) The position of high temperature in C2000B (Front side, Back side)

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    B–70114EN/042. SAFETY23Front sideBack sideFig. 2.6 (c) The position of high temperature in C2000C (Front side, Back side)

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    B–70114EN/042. SAFETY24Front sideBack sideAuxiliary unitFig. 2.6 (d) The position of high temperature in C3000C (Front , Back, Aux)

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    B–70114EN/042. SAFETY25Front sideBack sideFig. 2.6 (e) The position of high temperature in C3000D (Front side, Back side)

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    B–70114EN/042. SAFETY26Front sideBack sideFig. 2.6 (f) The position of high temperature in C4000A (Front side, Back side)

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    B–70114EN/042. SAFETY27Front sideBack sideFig. 2.6 (g) The position of high temperature in C6000B (Front side, Back side)

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    B–70114EN/042. SAFETY28Fig. 2.7 (a)–(g) show the location of the warning labels indicating the highvoltage and laser beam path.Fig. 2.7 (a) is the location of the warning sticker at front side. (C1500B,C2000B, C2000C, C3000C, C3000D)Fig. 2.7 (b) is the location of the warning sticker at back ...

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    B–70114EN/042. SAFETY29Fig. 2.7 (b) The location of warning sticker at back side (C1500B, C2000B, C2000C, C3000C, C3000D)Fig. 2.7 (c) The location of the warning sticker (Auxiliary unit of C3000C)

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    B–70114EN/042. SAFETY30Fig. 2.7 (d) The location of warning sticker at front side. (C4000A)Fig. 2.7 (e) The location of warning sticker at back side. (C4000A)

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    B–70114EN/042. SAFETY31Fig. 2.7 (f) The location of warning sticker at front side. (C6000B)Fig. 2.7 (g) The location of the warning sticker at back side. (C6000B)

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    B–70114EN/042. SAFETY327000W Warning logotypeD Detail of warning sticker

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    B–70114EN/042. SAFETY33 Warning logotype Label for defeasible non–interlocked protective housing Label for defeasible non–interlocked protective housing

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    B–70114EN/042. SAFETY34 Caution label for lifting Aperture label Label of non–interlocked protective panel

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    B–70114EN/042. SAFETY35 Identification label30019015015011011080 Address label High voltage warning label

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    B–70114EN/042. SAFETY36 Supply voltage label Label of over–current protective

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    B–70114EN/042. SAFETY37 Label of motor and transformer (C1500B,C2000B,C2000C) Label of motor and transformer (C3000C)

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    B–70114EN/042. SAFETY38 Label of motor and transformer (C3000D) Label of motor and transformer (C4000A)

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    B–70114EN/042. SAFETY39 Label of motor and transformer (C6000B) Label of warning light Maintenance label

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    B–70114EN/042. SAFETY40 Certification label Short–circuit interrupting capacity of main breaker Caution label for lifting

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    B–70114EN/042. SAFETY41All the laser products have to comply with the various kinds of laser safetyregulations, which include the use of key control. For instance, FDAPART 1040 PERFORMANCE STANDARDS FORLIGHT–EMITTING PRODUCTS, Sec 1040. 10 (f), (4) states: “Eachlaser system classified as a ...

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    B–70114EN/042. SAFETY42Press the emergency stop button when it is dangerous and breaks down.The oscillator is stopped discharging, gas pressure control and stand bypurge state.Use the one with the compulsion dissociation mechanism for the relayused for the emergency stop circuit and the switch ...

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    B–70114EN/042. SAFETY43Inapposite use and the result are described in each explanation place.Inapposite major use are described in the following.(1) The gas with different composition and purity from the specificationis connected with the oscillator. The oscillator does not work normally and do...

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION45(1) Ambient temperature +5 to 30°C(2) Temperature drift Max 1.1°C/min(3) Humidity <75% (relative)(4) Vibration Acceleration <0.05G Amplitude <5µm(5) Atmosphere Free from dust and volatile vapor(1) Input power and maximum currentModelPowerMaximum c...

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION46(1) Cooling water specificationThe quality of cooling water is specified in the table below. If tap wateris used, it should be treated in an ion exchanger.Refrigerator/air–conditioner cooling water quality standard(JRA–9001–1980)pH(25°C)6.0 to 8.0Conductivit...

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    In winter or in a cold district, when the oscillator is at a rest andthe ambient temperature gets to or below the freezing point,the cooling water in the oscillator freezes, possibly breakingthe water pipe or damaging the chilling unit. When theoscillator is not in use, drain cooling water from ...

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION48In lifting the FANUC LASER C series, be sure to use the four eyeboltsscrewed into the top surface of the cabinet as shown in the figure. Neverlift using only the two bolts. The weight is shown following tables. Thepermissible impact value of the oscillator is 2G. Wh...

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION491) ClampWhen shipped from FANUC, the two components of the laser listedbelow are in the clamped position. Because this is for shipment only,remove the clamp during the installation. Be sure to use the clamp,when the machine is shipped again. (1) Optical resonator (2...

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION50Fig. 3.2.2 (b) Clamp layout (C4000A)

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION51Fig. 3.2.2 (c) Clamp layout (C6000B)

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION52Fig. 3.2.2 (d) Clamp layout (C6000B)CAUTIONIf the machine is not clamped during transportation, theoptical resonator may cause distortion or may be damaged.

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION532) WaterBe sure to drain water in the oscillator at shipment.Refer to the maintenance manual for draining.CAUTIONIf water remains in the oscillator, internal water pipes maybe damaged in cold climates.(1) Temperature –20 to 50°CCAUTIONMust be completed to drain i...

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION54In FANUC LASER C series, the two type of that is the four taps and holeare prepared in the base as shown in the figure for fixing the laser cabinetagainst the machine base.Fig. 3.4 (a) Mounting (A)Fig. 3.4 (b) Mounting (B)3.4BASE OFOSCILLATOR

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION55Fig. 3.4 (c) Cabinet base (C1500B, C2000B, C2000C, C3000C, C3000D, C4000A)Fig. 3.4 (d) Cabinet base (C6000B)

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION56The maintenance areas of FANUC LASER C series are shown in thefigures below. The customer is requested to prepare adequate spacearound the laser even for the sides, which are not requested in the figures.Fig. 3.5 (a) Maintenace area (C1500B: Short type)3.5MAINTENAN...

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION57Fig. 3.5 (b) Maintenace area (C1500B: Long type)

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION58Fig. 3.5 (c) Maintenace area (C2000B, C3000C, C3000D: Short type)

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION59Fig. 3.5 (d) Maintenace area (C2000B, C3000C, C3000D: Long type)

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION60Fig. 3.5 (e) Maintenance area (Auxiliary unit)

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION61Fig. 3.5 (f) Maintenace area (C2000C: Short type)

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION62Fig. 3.5 (g) Maintenace area (C2000C: Long type)

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION63Fig. 3.5 (h) Maintenace area (C4000A: Short type)

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION64Fig. 3.5 (i) Maintenace area (C4000A: Long type)

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION65Fig. 3.5 (j) Maintenace area (C6000B)

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION66Make the cooling water re–circulate in the closed loop using a chiller unit.The cooling requirements of the chiller are as below.(1) Chiller capacityTypeCapacityC1500B>15.7kWC2000B, C2000C>22kWC3000C, C3000D>33.7kWC4000A>44.2kWC6000B>67.5kW(2) Tempe...

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION67The flow rate should be chosen so that the temperature difference betweenthe inlet and outlet of the chiller becomes less than 3°C. The customer canrefer to the following table.TypeFlow rateC1500B50 liter/minC2000B, C2000C75 liter/minC3000C, C3000D120 liter/minC400...

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION68Fig. 3.6.4 (a) Water connection and gas connection (C1500B, C2000B)

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION69Fig. 3.6.4 (b) Water connection and gas connection (C2000C)

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION70Fig. 3.6.4 (c) Water connection and gas connection (C3000C)

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION71Fig. 3.6.4 (d) Water connection and gas connection (C3000C)

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION72Fig. 3.6.4 (e) Water connection and gas connection (C3000D)

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION73Fig. 3.6.4 (f) Water connection and gas connection (C4000A)

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION74Fig. 3.6.4 (g) Water connection and gas connection (C6000B)

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION75Use the gas bottle of the volume of 7m3. Store the necessary number ofbottles according to the operation of the laser.Drawing of last chapter 1 shown laser gas connection of inlet and outlet.Inlet and outlet fittings on laser are female PT 3/8”.(1) Gas inlet of os...

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION76Here explanation are given for the convenience of designing machines.The following figures and attached tables show the positions andtolerances of beam.Fig. 3.8.1 (a) Beam exit (C1500B, C2000B, C2000C, C3000C, C3000D, C4000A)Fig. 3.8.1 (b) Beam exit (C6000B)3.8LASE...

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION77Fig. Position of laser beam exitModelW1W2W3HC1500B, C2000B, C2000C Short path length type310"565375876"5C1500B, C2000B, C2000C Long path length type390"565455876"5C3000C, C3000D, C4000AShort path length type310"565375811"5C3000C, C3000D...

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION78The following cables should be connected to the laser. Refer to theConnecting Manual of the controller (CNC).Cable connection point and clamp of cable refer to Fig. 3.9 (a) to (h). Allcable must be used the cable inlet.Fig. 3.9 (a) Cable connection (C1500B)Fig. 3....

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION79Fig. 3.9 (c) Cable connection (C2000C)Fig. 3.9 (d) Cable connection (C3000C)

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION80Fig. 3.9 (e) Cable connection (C3000C)Fig. 3.9 (f) Cable connection (C3000D)

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION81Fig. 3.9 (g) Cable connection (C4000A)Fig. 3.9 (h) Cable connection (C6000B)

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION82Use the cable with 4 cores. (C1500B, C2000B, C2000C, C3000C,C3000D, C4000A) Conductor cross section must be more than 22mm2 (C1500B), 35mm2(C2000B, C2000C, C3000C, C3000D, C4000A).Outer diameter of cable must be between f 22mm to f 32mm (C1500B),f 28mm to f 38mm (C...

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION83Fig. 3.9.4 (a) Detail of IF PCB 16–LFig. 3.9.4 (b) Detail of 16i–L

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION84D For 0–L1) Fuse alarm signal (FAL1, FAL2)The warning signals contact of the thermal switch and circuitprotector. When the contact is closed, turn off either the CNCpower supply or the laser power supply ON/OFF signal. Contactcapacity 220 VAC, 6A or 24VDC, 10A.2) ...

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION85The diagram of safety interlock circuit is shown in Fig. (a) to (g). Terminallayout is shown in Fig. (h).Fig. 3.9.5 (a) Safety interlock circuit (C1500B)3.9.5XT20 Terminal

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION86Fig. 3.9.5 (b) Safety interlock circuit (C2000B)

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION87Fig. 3.9.5 (c) Safety interlock circuit (C2000C)

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION88Fig. 3.9.5 (d) Safety interlock circuit (C3000C)

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION89Fig. 3.9.5 (e) Safety interlock circuit (C3000D)

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION90Fig. 3.9.5 (f) Safety interlock circuit (C4000A)

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION91Fig. 3.9.5 (g) Safety interlock circuit (C6000B)

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION92Fig. 3.9.5 (h) Detail of terminal XT201) PF1, PF2:These are the voltage release terminals of a mainbreaker (QF1). Impress the voltage of 24VDC.PF1:+24VPF2:0V2) SHL1, SHL2:When these terminals short, the shutter can beopened. It short of these terminals when shippin...

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    B–70114EN/043. INSTALLATION93Cable shieldInstall the appended Cable Shield (A04B–0811–D021) in power cable.Fig. 3.9.6 Cable shieldMain power cable (AC220/200V 3f) is wrapped with CABLE SHIELDand the earth cable of CABLE SHIELD is grounded.In that case, there is no space between CODE GRIP a...

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    B–70114EN/044. FUNCTIONS944 FUNCTIONSThis chapter describes the internal structure, components, and operatingsequence of the laser oscillator.Contents of this chapter4.1 INTERNAL STRUCTURE95. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.2 COMPONENT DETAILS103. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ....

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    B–70114EN/044. FUNCTIONS95Fig. 4.1.1 (a) to (g) show the internal structure of the laser oscillator.The FANUC LASER C series consists of a laser resonator, laser excitationpower supply, forced gas circulating system, pressure controller, exhaustcontroller, CNC interface, and a protective housin...

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    B–70114EN/044. FUNCTIONS96Fig. 4.1.1 (a) Block diagram (C1500B)

  • Page 107

    B–70114EN/044. FUNCTIONS97Fig. 4.1.1 (b) Block diagram (C2000B)

  • Page 108

    B–70114EN/044. FUNCTIONS98Fig. 4.1.1 (c) Block diagram (C2000C)

  • Page 109

    B–70114EN/044. FUNCTIONS99Fig. 4.1.1 (d) Block diagram (C3000C)

  • Page 110

    B–70114EN/044. FUNCTIONS100Fig. 4.1.1 (e) Block diagram (C3000D)

  • Page 111

    B–70114EN/044. FUNCTIONS101Fig. 4.1.1 (f) Block diagram (C4000A)

  • Page 112

    B–70114EN/044. FUNCTIONS102Fig. 4.1.1 (g) Block diagram (C6000B)

  • Page 113

    B–70114EN/044. FUNCTIONS103The following describes the details of each component of the FANUCLASER C series. Fig. 4.2 (a) to (l) show the internal structure.(1) ResonatorThe resonator consists of an output mirror, rear mirror, foldingmirrors, discharge tubes, power sensor unit, etc. It conver...

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    B–70114EN/044. FUNCTIONS104(11) Pressure controllerThis unit constantly monitors the gas pressure in the discharge tubesand supplies fresh laser gas to the gas circulating system, thusmaintaining a constant pressure in the discharge tubes. This unit alsomonitors the laser gas supply state and ...

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    FS16–L/ :FS16i–LB–70114EN/044. FUNCTIONS105(19) Water distribution unitThis unit distributes cooling water, supplied from either a chiller unitor a temperature–regulated external water supply, to each unit in thelaser oscillator. For safety, the water distribution unit is equippedwith a ...

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    B–70114EN/044. FUNCTIONS106(29) Control PCBThis PCB sends the contractor open/close signal to the powermagnetics cabinet, as directed by commands received from the CNC.It also notifies the CNC of the open/close status of the circuit breakerin the power magnetics cabinet.(30) Condensation sensor...

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    B–70114EN/044. FUNCTIONS107Fig. 4.2 (a) C1500B internal structure (front)Fig. 4.2 (b) C1500B internal structure (rear)

  • Page 118

    B–70114EN/044. FUNCTIONS108Fig. 4.2 (c) C2000B internal structure (front)Fig. 4.2 (d) C2000B internal structure (rear)

  • Page 119

    B–70114EN/044. FUNCTIONS109Fig. 4.2 (e) C2000C internal structure (front)Fig. 4.2 (f) C2000C internal structure (rear)

  • Page 120

    B–70114EN/044. FUNCTIONS110Fig. 4.2 (g) C3000C internal structure (front)Fig. 4.2 (h) C3000C internal structure (rear)

  • Page 121

    B–70114EN/044. FUNCTIONS111Fig. 4.2 (i) Auxiliary unit internal structure (C3000C)

  • Page 122

    B–70114EN/044. FUNCTIONS112Fig. 4.2 (j) C3000D internal structure (front)Fig. 4.2 (k) C3000D internal structure (rear)

  • Page 123

    B–70114EN/044. FUNCTIONS113Fig. 4.2 (l) C4000A internal structure (front)Fig. 4.2 (m) C4000A internal structure (rear)

  • Page 124

    B–70114EN/044. FUNCTIONS114Fig. 4.2 (n) C6000B internal structure (front)Fig. 4.2 (o) C6000B internal structure (rear)

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    B–70114EN/044. FUNCTION115FANUC LASER C series are controlled by CNC. When you turn on thestart key (run key), start sequence and calibrate laser power automatically.You make program of material processing only. When you turn off thestart key, stop sequence and oscillator stops automatically. I...

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    B–70114EN/044. FUNCTION116After power is turned on, laser comes into PURGE=1 state. This signalis on when atmospheric pressure sensor monitors that the intra–tubepressure equals atmospheric pressure. Usually when this signal is on,purge completion lamp on operational board is lit.[SEQ20] READ...

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    B–70114EN/044. FUNCTION117The material processing machine using FANUC LASER C series isusually composed in the configuration shown in the figure. In the figurethe rectangular parts of the solid line are FANUC products. In the beloweach component are explained.(1) Laser oscillatorFANUC provides ...

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    B–70114EN/044. FUNCTION118(4) Guide laser (Laser diode)A diode laser is used for coarse–control of the optical system axis aftera light beam is output from the oscillator. This laser can also be usedto identify the point to be machined.(5) Assist gas unitIn laser material processing the injec...

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    B–70114EN/045. MAINTENANCE1195 MAINTENANCEIn FANUC LASER C series, periodic inspection items have beenreduced, and adjustments have been made easy. To keep the oscillator ina satisfactory operating condition over a long period, however, it isnecessary to carry out periodic maintenance (includi...

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    B–70114EN/045. MAINTENANCE120Table 5.1 lists daily inspection items. Inspect the FANUC LASER Cseries according to this table. When parts (including oil) have been usedfor a prescribed period, replace them quickly.Table 5.1 Daily inspection items for FANUC LASER C seriesItemPeriodContent and ...

  • Page 131

    B–70114EN/045. MAINTENANCE121Table 5.2 shows the periodic maintenance items and the periods. Theoperation hour can be known from the indication of hour meter. When theindicated periods are more than one, employ the one whichever comesfirst.Table 5.2 (a) Periodic maintenance items and periodsIn...

  • Page 132

    B–70114EN/045. MAINTENANCE122Table 5.2 (b) Periodic maintenance items and periodsInterval of maintenance (Operation hour)ItemC4000AC6000B1Output mirror cleaning2Rear mirror cleaning800–2000h800–1200h3Folding mirror cleaning3000–4000h40–shift mirror cleaning1000h or processing qualitygo...

  • Page 133

    B–70114EN/045. MAINTENANCE123When opening the panels during maintenance, keep the power turn off.Be sure to open the panel indicated in Fig. 5.3.1 (a), (b), (c), or (d) beforereplacing oil or the filter during daily maintenance.Fig. 5.3.1 (a) Maintenance panel (C1500B, C2000B, C2000C, C3000D)F...

  • Page 134

    B–70114EN/045. MAINTENANCE124Fig. 5.3.1 (c) Maintenance panel (C4000A)Fig. 5.3.1 (d) Maintenance panel (C6000B)

  • Page 135

    B–70114EN/045. MAINTENANCE125The locations of the oil gages are shown in Figs. 5.3.1 (e) to (l). These oilgages can be checked through a window without having to open the panel.Fig. 5.3.1 (e) Oil gauge of turbo blower and exhaust pump (C1500B)Fig. 5.3.1 (f) Oil gauge of turbo blower and exhau...

  • Page 136

    B–70114EN/045. MAINTENANCE126Fig. 5.3.1 (g) Oil gauge of turbo blower and exhaust pump (C2000C)Fig. 5.3.1 (h) Oil gauge of turbo blower (C3000C)

  • Page 137

    B–70114EN/045. MAINTENANCE127Fig. 5.3.1 (i) Oil gauge of exhaust pump (C3000C)Fig. 5.3.1 (j) Oil gauge of turbo blower and exhaust pump (C3000D)

  • Page 138

    B–70114EN/045. MAINTENANCE128Fig. 5.3.1 (k) Oil gauge of turbo blower and exhaust pump (C4000A)Fig. 5.3.1 (l) Oil gauge of turbo blower and exhaust pump (C6000B)

  • Page 139

    This check should be made when the oscillator is at a rest.When the turbo blower is running, it is impossible to check theamount of oil correctly.Before supplying turbo oil, stop the oscillator according to thecorrect procedure and turn off the power. If the oscillator is notstopped by the corre...

  • Page 140

    Replace the oil every 1000 hours of operation or every fourmonths of use, whichever is earlier.After oil replacement, perform aging, referring to Section 5.4.B–70114EN/045. MAINTENANCE1303. Clean the oil inlet, hexagonal–head screw, and O–ring by wiping withclean cloth or paper. Make sure ...

  • Page 141

    The exhaust of the turbo blower contains oil mist. The exhaustpump will capture oil mist, and the amount of exhaust pump oilincreases with time. When the oil has increased too much, thefilter gets immersed in the oil, possibly causing white mist tocome out from the pump, or oil to leak. Furthe...

  • Page 142

    The exhaust filter element should be installed securely. If it isinstalled incorrectly, or the O–ring is not inserted accurately, oilmist (white) will come out from the exhaust outlet.B–70114EN/045. MAINTENANCE132Replace the filter every 3000 hours of operation or every year of use,whichever...

  • Page 143

    B–70114EN/045. MAINTENANCE133Replace the filter every 1500 hours of operation or every 6 months of use,whichever is earlier. Fig. 5.3.5 shows the exhaust pipe filter. None of theC1500B, C2000B, C3000C, C3000D, and C4000A is equipped with thisfilter.ClampHousing headHousingO–ring (G90 or G8...

  • Page 144

    If the O–ring is not installed accurately, gas may leak.B–70114EN/045. MAINTENANCE13410.Take out a new cartridge filter (A97L–0201–0211, AdvanTech ToyoTCG–045–SIFS) from its bag, and put a plate gasket (suppliedtogether with the cartridge filter) on both ends of the filter.11.Insert t...

  • Page 145

    B–70114EN/045. MAINTENANCE135If the machine has not been unused for an extended period of time (threedays or longer) or if the laser gas circulatory system is exposed to theatmosphere (after, for example, turbo blower oil replacement), aging isrequired. Aging refers to heating the discharge tu...

  • Page 146

    B–70114EN/045. MAINTENANCE136(1) Change the settings of the following parameters.(Be sure to record the settings. The settings may differ from those inthe data sheet.)To change the settings of parameters, enter MDI mode andchange Parameter enable from 0 to 1 on the Setting Screen.This causes a...

  • Page 147

    B–70114EN/045. MAINTENANCE137D Manual methodThis method is possible if the machine operator’s panel providesa manual internal discharge switch.1) From the setting screen, enter the output and the duty.2) Press the internal discharge switch to start internal discharge.(5) When the prescribed t...

  • Page 148

    B–70114EN/045. MAINTENANCE138To procure consumables, contact the machine builder or FANUC servicecenter, and tell the applicable specification number listed below.D Consumable partsItemSpecification1Turbo blower oil kitA04B–0800–K3262Exhaust pump oilA98L–0040–0093/1.0L63Exhaust pump fil...

  • Page 149

    B–70114EN/045. MAINTENANCE139Following tools are recommended for maintenance.(1) EquipmentEquipmentConditionApplicationAC voltmeterAccuracy: "2%For measuring AC powerDC voltmeterFull scale: 10V, 30VAccuracy: "2%For measuring DC powerDigital voltmeterFull scale: 10VAccuracy: "2%Fo...

  • Page 150

    B–70114EN/046. TROUBLESHOOTING1406 TROUBLESHOOTINGThe FANUC C series laser is provided with various sensors. They arealways monitored by a CNC. If the oscillator becomes abnormal, theCNC promptly takes safety measures and brings the oscillator to a stopor stand–by.Contents of this chapter6....

  • Page 151

    B–70114EN/046. TROUBLESHOOTING141After identifying the following items, call the FANUC service center. Insome cases, a symptom is not actually a fault in the oscillator, althoughit looks like a fault. So, check it with the following sections.1. Symptoms1 State of operation (machining in progr...

  • Page 152

    B–70114EN/046. TROUBLESHOOTING142See a list of alarms in an appendix at the end of this manual. The alarmnumber, DGN, and parameter number (PRM NO.) vary with the CNCmodel. So, the FS–16L number comes first, and the FS–0L number isenclosed in parentheses.Anomaly of AD converter 1 (Refer t...

  • Page 153

    B–70114EN/046. TROUBLESHOOTING143Confirm the symptom, and call the FANUC service center.No.PhenomenonPresumption cause1An alarm occurs before dischargebegins.The laser power supply is de-fective.2The RF discharge current is small incomparison with other units. Thebase discharge is narrow and t...

  • Page 154

    B–70114EN/046. TROUBLESHOOTING144No.Cause of troubleSolution1External laser gas pipe ab-normalImprove the external pipe. The pipeshould be installed in such a way thatneither material chips nor impurities arereleased. There shall be no gas leak-age.2Gas composition ratio ab-normalReplace the ...

  • Page 155

    B–70114EN/046. TROUBLESHOOTING145Discharge anomaly (Refer to DGN = 909 to 914 [861 to 868]Pressing the HVON (start discharge) button causes the unit to startdischarging. This alarm is issued, if at least one discharge tube fails tooperate.No.Cause of troubleSolution1Anomaly of parameter set-ti...

  • Page 156

    B–70114EN/046. TROUBLESHOOTING146Too much incident laser beam back to the resonator. (Refer to DGN = 906 [878])This alarm is issued, if a workpiece reflects laser beam more than therating to the laser oscillator. This can happen when the laser beam is usedto drill, cut, or weld materials (su...

  • Page 157

    B–70114EN/046. TROUBLESHOOTING147Anomaly of assist gas (Refer to DGN = G221/bit 7 [145/bit7]When starting machining, the NC monitors for a ready signal from theassist gas supply unit in the machine. If this signal is not sent normally,the NC issues this alarm.Check the operation of the assist ...

  • Page 158

    It is strictly forbidden to blow hot air higher than 60°C to thesensor.B–70114EN/046. TROUBLESHOOTING148Condensation (Refer to DGN = 961/bit 2 [840/bit 6])There is a condensation sensor at the inlet of the water branch unit in theoscillator. This alarm is issued, when condensation is detected...

  • Page 159

    B–70114EN/046. TROUBLESHOOTING149Overheat of beam absorber (Refer to DGN = 961/bit 7 [841/bit 3])Laser beam is introduced into the beam absorber, when the oscillationtakes place with shutter closed. This absorber is water–cooled and sendsalarm when the temperature exceeds a critical one. In...

  • Page 160

    B–70114EN/046. TROUBLESHOOTING150Leakage of gas tube/anomaly of exhaust pump (Refer to DGN = 905 [860])When the RUN (pressure control start) button is pressed, the exhaustpump starts operating and expels gas from the gas circulating system tocause a low–pressure condition. This alarm is disp...

  • Page 161

    B–70114EN/046. TROUBLESHOOTING151Anomaly of gas pressure control (Refer to DGN = 905 [860] Pressing the RUN (pressure control start) button starts expelling air fromthe laser gas tube. When a specified degree of vacuum is attained, lasergas is supplied into the laser gas tube, and gas pressure...

  • Page 162

    B–70114EN/046. TROUBLESHOOTING152Shutter failure to open This alarm occurs when the shutter does not reach the correct position ata certain time (pre–flow time of assist gas) after the shutter opencommand. This alarm takes place in the following cases.No.Cause of troubleSolution1The pre–f...

  • Page 163

    B–70114EN/046. TROUBLESHOOTING153Shutter temperature abnormal (Refer to bit 6 of DGN 961 [bit 2 of 841].)This alarm is issued, if the temperature of the shutter mirror exceeds thelimit, which is 80°C for C1500B, C2000B, C2000C, C3000C, C3000D,C4000A, or 90°C for C6000B.No.Cause of troubleSolu...

  • Page 164

    B–70114EN/046. TROUBLESHOOTING154Assist gas not output (Refer to bits 0 to 2 of DGN F222 [bits 0 to 2 of 173].)This alarm is issued, if an attempt is made to radiate a laser beam, whenno assist gas is selected, or an assist gas condition is not set up.Laser beam not generated (Refer to bit 6 of...

  • Page 165

    B–70114EN/046. TROUBLESHOOTING155Invertor frequency reached signal abnormalThis alarm is issued, if a frequency reached signal (bit 1 of DGN 962, 963,and 964) is not received within 120 seconds after the turbo blower isstarted.No.Cause of troubleSolution1Cable connection abnormalCall the FANUC ...

  • Page 166

    B–70114EN/046. TROUBLESHOOTING156External reflecting mirror not installedThis alarm is issued, if the beam reflecting unit is not attached with amirror or mirror holder.No.Cause of troubleSolution1Reflecting mirror notinstalledCall the FANUC service center.2Switch abnormal3Cable abnormalParamet...

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  • Page 168

    B–70114EN/04A. EXTERNAL VIEWAPPENDIX159A EXTERNAL VIEWFig. A (a) C1500B (short optical path length type)Fig. A (b) C1500B (long optical path length type)

  • Page 169

    APPENDIXB–70114EN/04A. EXTERNAL VIEW160Fig. A (c) C2000B (short optical path length type)Fig. A (d) C2000B (long optical path length type)

  • Page 170

    B–70114EN/04A. EXTERNAL VIEWAPPENDIX161Fig. A (e) C2000C (short optical path length type)Fig. A (f) C2000C (long optical path length type)

  • Page 171

    APPENDIXB–70114EN/04A. EXTERNAL VIEW162Fig. A (g) C3000C (short optical path length type)Fig. A (h) C3000C (long optical path length A type)

  • Page 172

    B–70114EN/04A. EXTERNAL VIEWAPPENDIX163Fig. A (i) C3000C (long optical path length B type)Fig. A (j) C3000C (auxiliary unit)

  • Page 173

    APPENDIXB–70114EN/04A. EXTERNAL VIEW164Fig. A (k) C3000D (short optical path length type)Fig. A (l) C3000D (long optical path length type)

  • Page 174

    B–70114EN/04A. EXTERNAL VIEWAPPENDIX165Fig. A (m) C4000A (short optical path length type)Fig. A (n) C4000A (long optical path length type B)

  • Page 175

    APPENDIXB–70114EN/04A. EXTERNAL VIEW166Fig. A (o) C6000B

  • Page 176


  • Page 177

    APPENDIXB–70114EN/04B.FANUC LASER C SERIES SPECIFICATIONS168ItemContentsModelC1500B(Short)C1500B(Long)C2000B(Short)C2000B(Long)C2000C(Short)C2000C(Long)PrincipleRF discharge excited fast axial flow CO2 laserStructureOscillator and power source integratedRated power1,500W2,000WMax power1,800W2,0...

  • Page 178

    B–70114EN/04B. FANUC LASER C SERIES SPECIFICATIONSAPPENDIX169ItemContentsModelC3000C(Short)C3000C(Long)C3000D(Short)C3000D(Long)PrincipleRF discharge excited fast axial flow CO2 laserStructureOscillator and auxiliary unit separatedOscillator and power source integratedRated power3,000WMax power...

  • Page 179

    APPENDIXB–70114EN/04B.FANUC LASER C SERIES SPECIFICATIONS170ItemContentsModelC4000A(Short)C4000A(Long)C6000BPrincipleRF discharge excited fast axial flow CO2 laserStructureOscillator and power source integratedRated power4,000W6,000WMax power4,000W6,000WPulse power peak5,000W (<500Hz, <50...

  • Page 180

    B–70114EN/04C. ERROR CODE LISTAPPENDIX171C ERROR CODE LISTNumberFS–16L,16iLFS–0LContentsAlarm level4061661Anomaly in AD converter 1ALARM 14062662Anomaly in AD converter 2ALARM 14063663Anomaly in laser power supply unitALARM 24065665Anomaly in shutter actionALARM 24066666There exist discharg...

  • Page 181

    APPENDIXB–70114EN/04C. ERROR CODE LIST172NumberFS–16L,16iLAlarm levelContentsFS–0L4085685Decrease of laser outputA warning has occurred. It canbe reset.4087687Overheat in shutter mirrorALARM 24088688The discharge tube voltage is low.ALARM 14089689Selection signal of assist gas not commande...

  • Page 182

    B–70114EN/04D. FANUC SERVICE NETWORKAPPENDIX173D FANUC SERVICE NETWORKFANUC LTDHeadquarters:Oshino–mura, Yamanashi Prefecture, 401–0597, JapanPhone 555–84–5555Fax 555–84–5512Country code 81Service division:5–1, Asahigaoka 3–Chome, Hino–shi, Tokyo 191, JapanPhone 425–84–111...

  • Page 183

    APPENDIXB–70114EN/04E. GLOSSARY174E GLOSSARYNameMeaningAccess panelThat protective component of a housing or enclosure which, when removed orshifted, can cause exposure to laser radiation.AEL Accessible emission levelMaximum accessible emission level set up for each class of laser productsAlign...

  • Page 184

    B–70114EN/04E. GLOSSARYAPPENDIX175NameMeaningLaser safety standardStandard to protect human bodies from hazards resulting from laser beams inview of use of lasers and about laser products for saleLinearPolarizationPolarization in which a plain of polarization is at a constant angle with the axi...

  • Page 185

    APPENDIXB–70114EN/04E. GLOSSARY176NameMeaningSequenceA succession of steps carried out in a prescribed orderStimulated emissionEmission of light stimulated by incident light and having the same frequency,phase, and polarization state as the incident lightTargetJig used to radiate and position a...

  • Page 186

    IndexB–70114EN/04i–1AAging, 135Aging method, 135Applicable models, 3BBase of oscillator, 54Beam divergence, 77Beam guide, 77CChecking on faults, 141Chiller, 66Component details, 103Condition, 45Cooling water, 46Cooling water flow rate, 67Cooling water temperature, 66DDaily inspection, 120Deta...

  • Page 187

    INDEXB–70114EN/04i–2PPacking, 49Periodic maintenance, 121Plumbing, 67Position and tolerance of laser beam exit, 76Power cable (L1, L2, L3), 82Power source, 45RRelated manuals, 3Responding to alarm messages on the screen, 142SSafety enclosure (at your work station), 19Shutter lock, 41Spare par...

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    Revision RecordFANUC LASER C series OPERATOR’S MANUAL (B–70114EN)04Jun., 2000DAddition of C2000C, C3000D, C4000A and C6000B03Jul., 1996DAddition of C3000CDCorrection of errors02Apr., 1995DAddition of C2000BDCorrection of errors01Dec., 1994EditionDateContentsEditionDateContents

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    · No part of this manual may bereproduced in any form.· All specifications and designsare subject to change withoutnotice.