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    How To Learn Tool Stand Locations on HDS Machines First: you must write down the X, Y, and Z coordinates of where the tool stands are. The best way find those numbers is (with a tool in the spindle) use “Handwheel” jog mode to gently guide the tool to where it is comfortably seated in the s...

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    Click on the ‘CNC Vision’ icon to bring up the controller screen. Hit F4 to go to the top menu. Use F10 to move the highlight bar until it is on the bottom line, and then hit F9 to go to the ‘Utility” menu. Go to the ‘AMP’ menu.

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    Hit ‘Select’ to activate the current configuration. Go to ‘Process Config’

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    Go to ‘User Variables’ This is where the coordinates will be stored.

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    Type the directory you would like to edit and hit ‘Enter’. Enter the numbers you wrote down earlier. ‘!PKTPOS.LR’ will be for your X coordinates, ‘!YPKTPOS.LR’ is for Y, and ‘!ZPKTPOS.LR’ is for Z. Use the arrows on the keyboard to move from line to line. Hit ‘Enter”...

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    Navigate back through the menus by hitting ‘Exit’. When prompted to ‘Translate New Parameters’, type ‘Y’ and hit ‘Enter”. Reminder: You will have to re-start the controller for these changes to take effect. IMPORTANT!! DO NOT exit out of the AMP settings without determinin...