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    SYNTE 6A SERIES Date:2014/06/19

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    6A Controller 6A Controller Description The Syntec 6A Series controllers incorporate embedded system architectures with 8-inch LCD displays and standard keyboard panels. They include integrated servo axes, spindle axes, MPG (manual pulse generator) axes, as well as USB ports on the front p...

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    6A Controller Product Features  Complete System Functionality The system provides complete lathing and milling functionalities, a simple windows-based operating interface that is easy to learn to use, and precise synchronous movement interpolation, allowing users to easily produce perfecte...

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    6A Controller  User-Friendly Operation Interface  Thoughtful Diagnostic and Development Tools Multi-pocketed Complex Cutting cycle -The user only needs to enter the external appearance of the work piece, and the CNC will automatical...

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    6A Controller Logic Computation Command Digit Function Command Structural Process Control Command  Complete Software Application Support MACRO Support -Windows based Macro development environment -Can communicate with the PLC via register bits ...

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    6A Controller  External Appearance of the Product (6A-4012-M)  External Appearance of the Product (6A-4012-T2)  External Appearance of the Product (6A-4018-M2)  External Appearance of the Product (6A-4018-T3)

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    6A Controller  Structural Dimensions (6A-4012-M)  Structural Dimensions (6A-4012-T2)

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    6A Controller  Structural Dimensions (6A-4018-M2)  Structural Dimensions (6A-4018-T3)

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    6A Controller  Connector Interface Definitions Please mind the voltage values as well as positive and negative polarities  X1 Connector Definitions  Y1 Connector Definitions  HK Connector Definitions  Spindle Connector Definitions ...

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    6A Controller  6A Series Product Specifications O Standard -Not supported △Optional Product Specifications Model 6TA 6CA 6MA Control command format Generic 6CA 6MA Largest main system axis group 2 1 2 Largest PLC axis group number 1 ─ 1 Standard control axis number 3 Maximum control...

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    6A Controller High-Speed, High-Precision Model 6TA 6CA 6MA Constant Jerk control O Cross-section S-curve acceleration and deceleration ─ Automatic corner deceleration O Circular radius speed limit O Multiple sets of high-speed high-precision parameters ─ Fast user parameters ─ SPA funct...

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    6A Controller  G Code Commands Model 6TA Elliptical cutting (clockwise) (G02.1) O Parabolic cutting (clockwise) (G02.2) O Cylindrical interpolation (G07.1) O Activate polar coordinate interpolation (G12.1) O External radius / internal radius lathing and cutting cycle (G20) O Threaded lathi...

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    6A Controller  6A Series Operating Environment Model 6A Operating environment -10 ~ 55oC Storage environment -40 ~ 70oC Cooling method Natural cooling Safety certification CE Operating voltage 100V~240V, 60Hz Power consumption Approximately 5W