• Page 1 Phone: 516-328-3970Page 1Squaring with Software To check the squareness of your machine, you will need a dial indicator and a large 90 degree angle. A carpenter’s square should be OK.• Place the indicator in the spindle and the square on the table. Use the indica...

  • Page 2 Phone: 516-328-3970Page 2Click on the ‘CNC Vision’ icon to bring up the controller screen.

  • Page 3 Phone: 516-328-3970Page 3Note: To navigate through the menus in the controller screens: use F10 to scroll the highlight bar and then the corresponding function key to select what’s highlighted.Hit F4 to go to the top menu. Use F10 to move the highlight bar until it...

  • Page 4 Phone: 516-328-3970Page 4Go to the ‘AMP’ menu.

  • Page 5 Phone: 516-328-3970Page 5Select the AMP you want to look at.

  • Page 6 Phone: 516-328-3970Page 6Select ‘Axis Config’.Select ‘Axis Charact’.

  • Page 7 Phone: 516-328-3970Page 7Type lower-case ‘y’ to look at the y-axis follower.

  • Page 8 Phone: 516-328-3970Page 8The ‘offset between markers’ should read ‘-1’. If it doesn’t, change it to ‘-1’. This will be set the motors to used a relaxed state and will be changed again later.At this point, exit out of the AMP settings. • Restart• Do ...

  • Page 9 Phone: 516-328-3970Page 9Click on the ‘CNC Vision’ icon again and hit ‘F4’ to get to the top screen. This time, select ‘Diagnostics’.

  • Page 10 Phone: 516-328-3970Page 10Select ‘Servo Monitor’.

  • Page 11 Phone: 516-328-3970Page 11Select ‘Change Param’.Select ‘Split Param’.

  • Page 12 Phone: 516-328-3970Page 12The axis ID is ‘2’.This is the screen you will be making changes in to test squareness.• First, put a ‘-1’ in for ‘offset between markers’.• Hit ‘ENTER’ (on the number pad of the keyboard.)• Click on the CNC Vision icon...